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Autoresponders provide instant customer gratification
Your customers will get an automatic INSTANT reply from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Plus, you can schedule UNLIMITED additional automatic pre-written follow up messages as often as you like! 

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Here are just a few
of our autoresponder features:

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Your autoresponder can be triggered in two ways.  A person can either: 1) complete a form on your website (the system will generate the code for you based on criteria you specify), or 2) send a message to your autoresponder address.

Once the auto responder is triggered, the system will immediately send your first pre-written reply.  After this the second and subsequent pre-written message will go out in intervals you specify...1 day later, 5 days later, 100 days later, etc.

Our Platinum account allows you to have 5 different autoresponders each with UNLIMITED message capability

PLUS! You can mail to your entire list whenever you want.  Have a special one-time, or limited offer? Want to invite people to a last minute conference call?

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Send your messages in either text or html format.  Send email that actually looks like a web page! The system will automatically deliver the HTML messages to recipients who can receive HTML email and the text messages to those cannot.

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Subscribers can join your list by sending an email message to your responder address.  Or, you can have your system generate a custom script to put on your web site which will allow users to join by filling out a form.  Remember, the system generates the code...all you do is cut and paste!

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You can set up 10 different custom questions for your sign up forms and use the answers as custom personalization fields in the outgoing messages. Talk about an impact on your marketing efforts.  Think how impressed your clients will be when they receive steady, personalized accurate email messages catered just to them!

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The email personalization feature is one of the most important features to have in an autoresponder.  Use this to add the person's first name, last name, email address, etc to your outgoing messages.  Compare the two examples below:

'Regular' autoresponder

Subject:  Your subscription

Dear internet marketer.  Thanks for joining our list.  We hope you find it useful. Autoresponder

Subject:  Thanks for subscribing, John!

Dear John Jones,

Thanks for joining our list.  We've recorded your email address,, and added it to our regular mailings.

We hope you find our information useful!

Top of page makes it very easy and convenient to opt-out of your mailings. Your outgoing messages will contain a link for people to remove their email addresses whenever they desire.  Also, an email message sent to your responder with the word 'remove' in the subject will do the same thing.  Finally, you can manually remove (and add) recipients to your system simply by logging in to your account.

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Automatic email notifications are sent to inform you that your autoresponder has been triggered. Information sent includes the prospects name, email address, the name of the autoresponder, and the original e-mail sent to the autoresponder.  Never miss a question or sales chance again!

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Our web based account setup and user options are very easy to navigate, and contain all the help files you'll need to get your system up and running. Just log in, click on the option you need, and the system will guide you through the rest.  No code to learn! Remember, we are always here to help if you have trouble.

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Your system can generate a custom script to put on your web site which will allow users to join by filling out a form.  Remember, the system generates the code...all you do is cut and paste! Makes it easy and fun for people to join your list right from your web site!

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This could be a separate service in itself!  The system will create URL links for you and then track the number of people who visit the site associated with the link.  View all your marketing activity on one screen with the number of clicks, etc.  Great for testing new ads, classifieds, or product lines.

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